9th International r3.0 Conference 2022

Transcending Incrementalism – from ESG to System Value Creation

A Hybrid / Online Global Conference from 6th to 7th of September 2022 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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About the Conference

r3.0 is pleased to announce its 9th international conference, convening from the 6th to the 7th of September 2022 in a hybrid setup (face-to-face in Amsterdam and online), ...

… after two fully online conferences in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 global restrictions. r3.0 has strategically placed its conference right after the summer break (in the Northern Hemisphere), to help set a sufficiently ambitious tone for the fall/winter conference season – particularly UN Climate Week, the UN General Assembly and many other conferences following in the months of September to December.

r3.0’s work is based around the r3.0 Work Ecosystem: a suite of 9 interlinked Blueprints, 8 already developed, and the final one, on Funding Governance for Systemic Transformation, to be released at the 2022 Conference. In 2022, r3.0 is also releasing additional Opinion Papers and Case Studies supporting its core mission. We have convened 8 prior r3.0 conferences; we host Academic Alliance and Advocation Partners networks; we also host Research and Test Lab collaborations, and we are making progress on our Global Thresholds & Allocations Council & Network plans. Finally, we are continuing to organise Transformation Journey Programs for those who want to activate transformation in their organizations and lives. We feel uniquely positioned to gather world-class “game-changing and mind-blowing” speakers in a highly interactive “sleeves-rolled-up” working conference setting. Given the stage of maturation r3.0 is reaching, this leads to two important pathways that are influencing the conference setup:

Making the r3.0 Work Ecosystem Work: In our content development phase, we focused on knowledge co- creation (with our global Working Groups), forging a strong foundation from which to now focus on dissemination and implementation. While we “keep our thinking caps on,” we’re also “getting down to business.” We at r3.0 stand prepared to shift further into advocation mode, asserting the necessity of aligning action in the fields we influence with the thermodynamic realities and ethical imperatives we identify in our Work Ecosystem. The time is ripe for r3.0 to shift its focus from knowledge generation to application and action. Based on our collaboration with UNRISD from 2018 onwards, piloting next-generation context-based indicators, we foresee more action-oriented advocation going forward in the transition from insufficient ESG tactics toward the creation of System Value, forming the core theme of this year’s conference: Transcending Incrementalism – From ESG to System Value Creation.

10 Years of r3.0: This 9th conference also marks the 10-year anniversary of r3.0, which started as an idea after the Rio+20 Summit in the light of the governments’ plea for a ‘regenerative & distributive economy’ and the obvious gap of tools to address this ideal. This anniversary also marks the finalization of the first generation of the r3.0 Work Ecosystem. The conference will look back at our first decade of impact, and look forward to what’s needed in the next 10 years, known to be the ‘decisive decade for humanity.’

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2022 Conference Structure & Focus

This year’s conference structure aligns with the working priorities of r3.0 and is organized in a way that it can cater a hybrid approach, with a face-to-face plenary and audience in Amsterdam’s ‘Pakhuis de Zwyger’, best equipped for online and hybrid technology, and a global online audience. This is organized in a way that all sessions are livestreamed and online participants will miss nothing. We are offering four core themes:
  • Transcending Incrementalism: This session will focus on r3.0’s 5-legged campaign ‘Transcending Incrementalism’ and will focus on the activities, successes and continued advocation for the design of a System Value Economy. An overview of this campaign can be found here.
  • Funding Governance for Systemic Transformation: This session will focus on r3.0’s last Blueprint release of the r3.0 Work Ecosystem. It tackles the current impasse of both funding arrangements and governance processes that could help to boost the necessary transformation activities.
  • Education for Regeneration: The 2021 release of the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint marked the beginning of a broader arrangement of r3.0 Learning Services. An updated formula for the r3.0 Transformation Journey Programs (face-to-face and online) and the release of what we call ‘Re- CET’ – ‘Contextualized Education for Transformation’, geared towards ‘Re’generation and Thriving as online modules will be presented, including first users.
  • 10-Year Anniversary of r3.0: What started in September 2012 as an idea ‘to do what’s necessary’ has grown into a well-established pre-competitive and market-making global NGO, advocating for the design of a System Value Economy, and presenting the necessary tooling, learning and advocation. In this session we look back and forward with a set of keynoters from the beginning to now: Where we are and what’s still needed.

Each day of this two-day conference will contain two 2-hour plenary sessions, long enough to allow some keynote speeches and well-facilitated dialogue and discussion with the audience, both face-to-face and from the livestream. The technology at Pakhuis de Zwyger in Amsterdam allows for a seamless interaction with both parts of the audience, facilitated by Bill Baue and Ralph Thurm from r3.0 and a support team. Before, in- between and after the two sessions of each day we allow for extensive networking opportunities and are seeking ways for both audiences to interconnect.

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